Last Days

The last days are day twelve, thirteen and fourteen. I am going to start with day twelve. All of them felt as one. It was like a long fadeout of a parameter as they were the last days of the residency.

The day started slowly and there was a plan. The plan was to iterate on the code of the projection mapping installation and add depth to the final apperance of it. I managed to do it in a timely manner. I tested the final result with the 20K projector and the Raspberry Pi, some things had to be changed, but not much. At the point my mind felt relieved. My mind got some extra space for processing concepts like love and Christmas presents.

Final Result

It was not completely over yet though. We were waiting for the opening of the installation. It became increasingly luminous as the ambient light faded out. The colors became sufficiently saturated. Jeffrey from the TOG Dublin Hackerspace came over which made us very happy. You can see the 20K projector in the background of the photo as well. Take a careful look. Thanks Mr. Dee from the Dublin Castle for allocating it for this project.

Jeffrey is Here

Day thirteen. Restate my assumptions. Exploring new locations is fun. Patterns emerge. It was a sunny day, perfect for exploring the architecture of the Lexicon Library building. Jake from Bridge 21 recommended it to me. Lexicon Lab is a workshop space inside the building where computer workshops for kids are being organized on a regular basis. I asked around and today there was supposed to be a Mindcraft hacking workshop. The building itself is very fresh, looks amazing and seems to be perfect for projection mapping projects.

Final Result Final Result Final Result

I took the train to the city centre and went to the Chester Beatty to turn the projector on. It was a surprise to me that the image was a bit off. I thought for a bit and hypothesized that it must be because the projector has not warmed up yet. To my surprise, it proved to be true. In ten minutes the projection matched the bricks of the wall perfectly again.

I had some time for Christmas shopping afterwards. I usually do not enjoy it, but there was a nice Christmas market happeining at the Chocolate Factory and we had to bring the keys back anyway. Found things.

Later in the evening me and Jenny went to an event organized by the Latvian embassy in Ireland the reason for that being that my nationality is Latvian. There I had the honour to meet Ilmars Latkovskis who is a member of the Citizenship, Migration and Social Cohesion Committee of the Latvian government. Talking to him was a rewarding experience.

Tomorrow is the day I go back home. It has been a pleasure to take part in a project like this. I hope that my input and results of the residency will foster the development of similar programmes.