Day Six

Yesterday, after preparing and cloning the SD cards for the workshops today and tomorrow, i had thoughts, influenced by tiredness and being alone at my host’s home. The thoughts were about working hours and output. What does the system expect from an individual in different contexts? What does the scanner see?

I realize that I have been lucky to be in a very interesting context while here in Dublin. The host of mine is involved with EU research, more specifically, research about the state of the working environment in EU member states. How many people are employed, how much taxes are paid, what are the expectations from all sides. Freelancers and artists are considered endangered. They do not fit with the system too good, thus they are not easy to handle and to predict by the system, thus the system might feel helpless and this could lead to a conclusion that these people are endangered.

I am a freelancer. Here, at the Chester Beatty Library, I see people arrive and leave on time. I don’t have specified working hours. In fact, I have to get things done, for the last five days I start my day at 10 AM and end it around 10 PM. The most important things I am responsible for are happening during weekends. I am not complaining. In fact I am very happy. How come? I am not completely sure. I will write it down once I have a clear idea about that.

It was a bit of a rush today. Had to meet Jack at 12 PM, brief him how the workshop is going to happen. Jack is a teenager that is supposed to write a blog post from his perspective about the workshop. I am very curious what the outcome will be.

Jack and Ashley

At 12:30 PM I had to meet Ashley, the teen coordinator, to brief her about the workshop as well. Right after we rushed into the room, we got in later than planned, but we manager to set up everything just on time. The workshop had to begin at 14:30 PM.

Workshop Setup

It was the first time for me to do the Projection Mapping with the Raspberry Pi workshop with teenagers. They seemed to be very open in terms of experimenting with the software. On the second part of the workshop I did tell more about my background and showed the projects I’ve done in the past. It seemed that that was the most interesting part of the workshop for them. It should have been done in reverse order, first the story, then the hands-on part. This is the way I am going to do that tomorrow and that is the way it is usually done.

Workshop Setup

Today I also had mixed feelings during the workshop. Being busy and knowing that people important to me are not doing so well, me being far away from them with limited chances to support them, made me feel a bit down today. Nevertheless I feel happy about having such feelings as well. All is fine. Luckily. That’s it for today. Would like to iterate on slides tonight, but, how come, I forgot the power supply of my computer at the library! Seems that there is no other way as to take this evening off and proceed with the slides tomorrow.