Day Seven

Today was a very straightforward day. I woke up later than the previous days, had a run, had long and heavy breakfast with my host. Had the opportunity to invite her to the workshop today, since it was meant to be for adults and my host is one. Surprisingly.

Way to Dublin Castle

I went to the Library in a relaxed manner, observing the surroundings and enjoying the undefinable weather. Got my coffee around noon and started to iterate on slides, which basically meant copying them from earlier workshop folders and deleting most of the things that are not relevant.

Six adults came, and all of them were very interesting personalities with backgrounds that one would not imagine being close to projection mapping. But maybe that is one of the things that defines adults. They are realising that there are so many things that they have not noticed while being on the rails of their career.

For one hour I was telling about my background and my projects to gain a little bit of credibility in front of the eyes of the adults. It seemed to work as they were surprisingly active during the hands-on part of the workshop. After I showed the basics of my projection mapping software, it seemed that for some of them the world around them disappeared. That made me very happy.

An adult during workshop Some adults during workshop The mapping adults made

After such a good day we went to the Stag’s Head original Victorian era pub on Dame Lane to have a pint of Oharas. Jenny showed me an amazing Asian food supermarket where I hoped to find chilli and lentils. I found so much more there. Besides finishing my blog post, this evening is for cooking hot food and having good thoughts.

Cooking preparations Actual cooking