Day Nine

After three workshop days, this day seemed like a gift. The lack of a day off was showing off its results on my body and mood. The day started slowly but with some motivation to get smaller tasks done. It seemed like I succeeded to build a manageable to-do list for today. Later the human in me would take over. In the following image one can see the National Gallery of Ireland. Very nice architecture for projection mapping.

Dublin National Gallery

Despite the tiredness and mood issues, the day was relatively fun. With Jenny and Justyna we went to Bridge 21 to meet Jake Rowan Byrne who is a Creative Technology Curator at the Lexicon Library. Jake wanted us to meet to discuss the possibility of using Raspberry Pi and projection mapping in education.

Bridge 21 seemed like a nice place with lecture rooms designed around the idea of learning in teams and collaboration. For example a room might have randomly distributed desks, each of them equipped with a screen, a team would be formed out of four people, they would learn by trying to solve problems together. Another room would have desks for more people than computers. These are specifically made for kids and the lack of computers is there to make them collaborate. There were windows filled with sticky notes where one could see the feedback from events at the space.

Bridge 21 Green Room at Bridge 21 Stickies at Bridge 21

After the meeting I felt a strong need to rest. Took a nap and now I am writing this. Earlier during the day I also did work on the Chester Beatty Library collection images, suggested by the curators of the collections, for the projection mapping installation that will be opened at the Chester Beatty Library atrium this Friday (16 Dec 2016) 18:00.

That’s it for today! Tomorrow is going to be a creative day as I will spend it on building a simple generative visual solution for the final projection mapping event. My ambition is to have it on a single Raspberry Pi mini-computer that will be connected to a 20K ANSI lumen projector. I am going to use openFrameworks with ofxPiMapper–a projection mapping addon that I am developing, it is open source and available on GitHub.