Day Four

Despite the day started a little bit late, there were a lot of good and exciting things happening. Mr. D confirming the possibility to use the Dublin Castle 20K ANSI lumen projector. I am still trying to not get too excited as I still have to focus and create serious content for this amount of pixels and light.

After meeting Jenny and Justyna for breakfast coffee at the Silk Road Cafe, I went to meet Gerry Scanlon from the Chocolate Factory to share “hi” and get another tour around the space. I got introduced to some artists and designers inhabiting the space. I stayed there afterwards to do one hour of practical work.

TOG Dublin Hackerspace launched the Eventbrite site of the projection mapping workshop that is going to take place there next Monday 19:00. Twelve tickets were booked almost instantly. The workshop got even listed on the Projection Mapping Central ( which is curated by Brett Jones who is the co-founder of Lumenous and Invented stuff at Disney Imagineering, Microsoft Research. This is Brett’s Twitter profile.

After lunch we went over the equipment needed for the projection mapping workshops at the Chester Beatty Library on Saturday and Sunday. We also checked the lecture room the workshops are going to take place, synchronized with the Library Security, went over child protection guidelines and specified tasks to be still done before the workshop days.

Equipment Test Child Protection

For the last part of the day I am here, at the Chocolate Factory, enjoying the empty studio room with a chair, desk and a lamp. Writing this blog post. Feeling grateful about all the good news I got today. There are still a couple of small things left before I end the day and I am going to get them done. Now.

Chocolate Factory Evening