Day Eight

The highlight of today was supposed to be the Projection Mapping with the Raspberry Pi workshop at TOG Dublin Hackerspace. Nevertheless there were some things happening before. The workshop had to start at 7 PM.

I felt very tired throughout the day as the previous workshop days already took a great deal of energy. I went to the Chocolate Factory to have a coffee there, answer some emails and help Jenny and Justyna with the projection mapping installation flyer that would advertise the projection mapping installation in the atrium of Chester beatty Library.

After having a random lunch at a random burger place I went back to the Chocolate Factory to meet Ellen and Vince from the Festival of Curiosity, they are responsible for getting me a free desk in the building for creative purposes. Ellen could not come, so we had meeting with Vince alone. Jenny, Justyna, me and Vince. We were having a chat about some integral ideas that would make the collaboration between the Festival of Curiosity and Chester Beatty Library complete.

After having a nice dinner at a better random burger place not far from the TOG Dublin Hackerspace, it was time to go there and set up the workshop. The workshop itself was an experimental one. I have not done anything at this advanced level with a time limit of two hours. During the two hours I had to introduce tell about the Maker in Residence program, me, the context, show how to setup the Raspberry Pi for projection mapping and build a simple application with openFrameworks.

At TOG Dublin Hackerspace At TOG Dublin Hackerspace TOG Christmas greetings

It all went well, but the learning was that two hours are not enough. All in all the last three days were full of learnings regarding the workshops. These learnings will help me a great deal to build better ones in the future.